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Important Scam Warning for Connecticut LLCs

November 11, 2020


Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) are receiving a form requiring payment of $120 to $130 "annual report fee" relative to a "2021 - Annual Report Instruction Form (Connecticut LLCs)" from C.F.S, 7718 Northport Drive, Lansing, Michigan. Businesses are receiving the form in the regular U.S. postal service in hard copy with a return envelope.

This is a scam and no payments should be made to Workplace Compliance Services.

The hard-copy form C.F.S sends to LLCs looks deceivingly like a real state tax form, so it is easy to understand how people could be fooled by it.

The Department of Revenue Services is aware of the issue, as is the Secretary of the State (SOTS) and the Attorney General.