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Important Tax News - 2018

Guidance on 2018 Estimated Payments for the Newly Enacted Pass-Through Entity Tax (pdf)
Introduction: On May 31, 2018, Governor Malloy signed Public Act 18-49, which fundamentally changes how Connecticut taxes income earned by partnerships and S corporations, including limited liability companies treated as partnerships and S corporations for federal income tax purposes (referred to collectively as “pass-through entities”). This change is applicable to taxable years beginning on or after January 1, 2018. The legislation does not impact the taxation of publicly-traded partnerships, sole proprietorships, or single-member limited liability companies that are disregarded entities... [Read More]

Guidance Regarding the Calculation of the Pass-Through Entity Tax (pdf)
This preliminary guidance is intended to assist taxpayers in calculating their Pass-Through Entity Tax (“PE Tax”) for purposes of making estimated payments. This guidance may be updated as needed to answer additional questions... [Read More]


Information for Non-profits

Tax and Financial Planning News for Nonprofit Organizations (pdf)
As a member of BDO Alliance USA, we are pleased to share important information about financial matters with our not-for-profit clients. Spring 2018 newsletter. [Read More]